About us

Our approach in adult education classes:

Each adult has valuable experience and knowledge to share. In our situation style classes we take current problems and situations and create viable solutions together. In Spanish classes, we translate current call scripts and communications and use those tools to train others. We then advocate immersion style classes so our students can practice advanced communication skills.

Our approach with high school and college students:

We train by covering the basics first and building upon that knowledge. What seems to be a simple approach is rarely practiced. Students are inadequately assessed at the beginning and end of the school year. Hence, some otherwise high performing students attend high school and college without knowing fractions and other basics. Through years of tutoring, we have noticed this common thread of gaps in the education system. Some students have managed to overcome these gaps by using website conversion tools such as percentage, fraction and ratio calculations, others have since been tutored or continue to experience these knowledge gaps into adulthood. Sometimes the parent is unable to perceive why the child is struggling in one subject when they are performing well otherwise. The child may experience lack of interest in school or in a particular subject matter. We bridge these gaps by assessing the student’s skills and we concentrate on advancing their understanding of the subject matter. We are privileged to witness our students’ scores and self-esteem improve significantly.

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