What we teach

Our training subjects include:

Spanish – conversational, situation style, intermediate, advanced, and immersion classes.  Our Spanish classes have been enjoyed by children learning Spanish through the use of toys, teens learning how to speak, read and write Spanish and adults in immersion classes in which we speak only Spanish.  We can translate your call scripts and corporate communications and use these materials in our training classes.

Algebra I and II – learn how to factor, solve quadratic equations, graph equations, and solve systems of equations, matrices, word problems, sequences, trigonometric equations, probability principles and much more.

General Chemistry – learn atomic structures, atomic mass, weight and Moles, electron orbitals and how this relates to bonding, volume, pressure and temperature variants in gas laws, molecular concentration, molarity and normality, PH principles, equilibrium, osmosis and solubility, effects of heat, temperature and catalysts on reactions and balancing equations.

Computer skills – learn to use email, social media and networking sites, fundamentals of computer programming, creating simple websites and integrating e-commerce, meeting notices, polls, coupons and surveys.

Career Development, Job Search and Presentation skills – learn effective social networking skills for job search; learn interviewing techniques and presentation skills.

Get started TODAY! Use our convenient online scheduling system or call us toll-free at 877-735-6288.



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